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English Speaking Course PDF– Hello, you are once again welcome to this platform, today we have brought a very important English book for you, with the help of this book you can learn to speak English very well in just 30 days, you just have to keep trying. On this platform, you will get all the study material as per your requirement in the form of a free PDF, through which you can prepare for any government exam, our aim is that you get the best marks in any government exam. Do it, and get the government job you want.

Learn English in 30 Days PDF Book Free Download

From here you can download handwritten notes and book PDFs for any government exam absolutely free, for this you will not have to pay anything, if you find the notes downloaded from here useful then visit this website. Please tell your friends about it, we will be grateful to you.

This PDF will help you to learn English and improve your skills, with the help of this book you will be able to speak the dialects used in your daily life in English, and this will also help you in improving your English grammar, download this PDF. The link is given below, you can download it by clicking on the download button, and the table of contents given in it is also available.

NCERT Books PDF For Class 6th to 12th (Hindi And English Medium)

All the PDFs given on this website are for all government exams like SSC, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, and More Exams and from here you can study all the subjects like Mathematics, Geography, History, Politics, English, Hindi, GK, Computer, Economics, General Science and more subjects.

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English Spoken Course | अब इंग्लिश बोलना हुआ बहुत आसान

Contents of English Speaking Book

Lesson 1: English Sentences
Lesson 2: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 3: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 4: Pronunciation Lesson
Lesson 5: Review Lesson
Lesson 6: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 7: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 8: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 9: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 10: Pronunciation Lesson
Lesson 11: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 12: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 13: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 14: Exercise Lesson
Lesson 15: Pronunciation Lesson
Lesson 16: Exercise Lesson

One Liner English Grammar vocab with Example

  1. बदले में लेना-देना – Trade-in { EX- I traded in my old car for a new one. }
  2. फायदा उठाना – Trade on { EX- I traded on his good nature to help me out of my financial difficulties }
  3. पहन कर देखना – Try on { EX-The tailor asked me to try on the coat. }
  4. जाँच के लिए चलाकर देखना – Try out { EX-You should try out that T.V. set before you finally buy it. }
  5. किसी के खिलाफ खड़े हो जाना – Turn against { EX- We have been such good friends and I had no idea that he would turn against me. }
  6. प्रस्तुत करना – Turn in { EX-He turned in his answer paper and came out of the examination hall. }
  7. निगरानी करना, रक्षा करना – Watch over { EX- The dog faithfully watched over his master’s sleeping child. }
  8. धुँधला पड़ना – Wear off { EX- This color will wear off soon. }
  9. समय नष्ट करना – While away { EX- Get to work. Don’t waste your time on trifles.}
  10. अनदेखी करना – Wink at { EX- I can wink at his faults no longer. }
  11. किसी तरीके से खोलना – Work open { EX- I had lost my suitcase’s key, but somehow I managed to work it open.}
  12. मुख्यत: खासकर – Above all { EX-Above all, don’t mention this to Hari. }
  13. हक्का-बक्का होना – Aghast at { EX- As she entered the hospital she looked aghast at the bed of the wounded. }
  14. अचानक – All at once { EX- All at once the sky became dark and it began to rain.}
  15. झगड़े का परिणाम/कारण – Apple of discord { EX- Ever since their father’s death this property has been an apple of discord between the two brothers. }

Book Name: Spoken English – Learn Quickly

PDF Type Ebook- English-speaking course for self-study
PDF Language English
PDF Pages 436 Pages
PDF Quality Very Good

 Download PDF

Contents of Learn Speaking English Book PDF

Introduction Lesson Getting Started
Module 1 -Pronunciation
Module 2 -Introductory Vocabulary
Module 3 -Greetings and Introductions
Module 4 -Directions inside a Building
Module 5 -Responsibilities and Activities
Module 6 -Making a Doctor’s Appointment
Module 7 -Buying Shoes
Module 8 -How’s the Weather?
Module 9 -Directions Outside
Module 10 -Buying a Dress
Module 11 -Buying Appliances
Module 12 -Buying Groceries
Module 13 -Learning English from Films
Module 14 -Getting a Ride
Module 15 -Making a New Friend
Module 16 -Discussing the Day
Module 17 -Preparation for the OPIc Certification Exam
Supplemental Resource Materials
Supplemental Career English


PDF Type Ebook- Learn Speaking English Book PDF
PDF Language English
PDF Pages 357 Pages
PDF Quality Very Good

Download PDF

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In the article, we have tried to explain in detail about the English Spoken Course in 30 Days. We hope that you would have liked the article. If you find any information incomplete in the article, then you can complete your information with the help of the given PDF. Is. We hope that this article will make you successful in many examinations, if we have made any mistake in this article or we have not been able to give any information, then you can tell us through comments. You can also share your suggestions with us on the English Speaking Course PDF. Thank you.

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