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Hello, once again a new Math PDF is here with a new article. This PDF will prove to be very useful and important in many upcoming government exams like SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, and all other competition exams. All the topics have been covered in this Mathematics book in English. This PDF contains an Explanation, Solution, Short tricks and practice MCQ questions.

In this PDF, you are being given a PDF of notes on Math and reasoning. Notes of both subjects have been given in a single PDF, which has been prepared to keep in mind all your upcoming government exams. This Quantitative Aptitude Book PDF will prove to be very important in all your upcoming government exams. To download this PDF, click on the download button given below. Before downloading, read all the topics given in the array below carefully.

NCERT Books PDF For Class 6th to 12th (Hindi And English Medium)

Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Book Content

The contents of the Quantitative Aptitude Book for SSC and other competitive exams:

Part – 1 Quantitative Aptitude

1 HCF and LCM
2 Permutation and Combination
3 Probability
4 Ratio and Proportion
5 Percentage
6 Average
7 Problems Based on Ages
8 Profit and Loss
9 Squares and Square Roots
 10 Cubes and Cube Roots
 11 Series
 12 Progression and Sequence
 13 Fractions
 14 Elementary Algebra I
 15 Elementary Algebra II
 16 Partnership
 17 Simple Interest
 18 Compound Interest
 19 Time and Work
 20 Work and Wages
 21 Pipes and Cistern
 22 Allegation
 23 Problems on Trains
 24 Boats and Streams
 25 Elementary Mensuration I (Measurement of Area)
 26 Elementary Mensuration II (Measurement of Volume and Surface Areas)
 27 Problems on Clock
 28 Problems on Calendar
 29 Time and Distance
30 Heights and Distances
 31 Trigonometry
 32 Odd Man Out and Series
 33 Data Sufficiency
 34 Data Analysis
 35 Mathematical Operations
 36 Divisibility
 37 Number System
 38 Arithmetical Reasoning
 39 Simplification
 40 Races and Games
 41 Stocks and Shares
 42 Discount
 43 Logarithm

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Part – 2 Reasoning

Section – A (General Mental Ability)

1 Analogy
2 Classification
3 Series Completion
4 Coding and Decoding
5 Blood Relations
6 Puzzle Test
7 Direction Sense Test
8 Logical Venn Diagrams
9 Number Ranking and Time Sequence Test
 10  Decision Making
 11  Assertion and Reason
 12  Situation Reaction Test
 13  Mathematical Operations
 14  Inserting the Missing One
 15  Logical Sequence of Words

Section – B (Logical Deduction)

16 Logic
17 Statements and Arguments
18 Statements and Assumptions
19 Statements and Course of Action
20 Statements and Conclusions
21 Deriving Conclusions from Passages

Section – C (NonVerbal Reasoning)

22 Series
23 Analogy
24 Classification
25 Analytical Reasoning
26 Problems with Cubes and Dice
27 Mirror Images
28 Water Images
29 Rule Detection

Model Papers

1 Model Paper – 1
2 Model Paper – 2
3 Model Paper – 3
4 Model Paper – 4

Quantitative Aptitude Book Details:

Name Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Book
Medium English
Book Author R V Parveen
Pages 768
Size 23 MB

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In the article, we have tried to explain in detail the Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Book. We hope that you would have liked the article. If you find any information incomplete in the article, then you can complete your information with the help of the given PDF. Is. We hope that this article will make you successful in many examinations, if we have made any mistake in this article or we have not been able to give any information, then you can tell us through comments. You can also share your suggestions with us on the Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Book for Competitive Exams PDF. Thank you.

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